LG Refrigerator Customer Care in Hyderabad is finest Home Appliances Service Center in Hyderabad. It gives service, repair and also maintenance for all kinds of home appliances. Such as Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, Microwave Oven and TV. We have earned best name and also trusted administration in Hyderabad City in this repair and maintenance industry.


LG Refrigerator Customer Care in Hyderabad has trained engineers with 8 years of experience in the field of repairing industry. We as a trusted service provider, use only company spare parts and original equipment’s. Consequently our service center offers 3 months service guarantee and 1 month service guarantee for all customers.

Management provides technicians at customer’s doorstep to repair home appliances. LG Refrigerator Customer Care in Hyderabad arrange and provide service engineers within 90 minutes after concerned complaint registered. Once technician arrives, he will check and also analyze the apparatus issues completely. Technician will explain the problem of appliance and repairs it in front of you after customer gives permission to fix.

We do all types of Home appliances like Washer, fridge, AC, Microwave Oven and TV.


Refrigerators used in every common house to store food items including milk, curd, powdered type items etc. Mostly fridges available for domestic purpose and likewise commercial purpose too. Fridges available from low range of cost to high range of cost based on specifications and liters of availability. Types of fridges

LG Refrigerator Customer Care in Hyderabad

  • Single Door

Single Door fridges used mainly in moderate class of people who can afford minimum cost of fridge. It is a basic model available for all classes of people subsequently can store all type of food items and dairy products etc.

  • Double Door

Double Door fridge uses to store large quantity of all items including meat, vegetables, bakery items and Milk products. This type of cold storage seen in rich people’s house because of the availability in price. Its cost high when compared to single door ice chest. Usually it comes with two doors, top and bottom doors. Commonly top door part used for storage of ice making and vegetables etc. Coming to bottom door part is used to store basic kitchen ingredients and dairy products.

  • Side by Side

Side by Side fridge used for commercial purpose to store large quantity of liquids and dairy products. It is mainly used in general stores, bakeries, and companies etc., to store huge quantity. This type of ice box comes with two doors one in left similarly the second one in right side. But this fridge available in high cost and also consumes more energy of electricity compared to other models.

We arrange technicians to fix all issues of fridges with original spare parts. Our service center offers doorstep service for all customers who cannot afford their time at repairing industries. Management gives service guarantee for one month and 90 days for spare parts fixed.

Washing machine

Washing machines use to wash clothes instead of washing with hands. It used to reduce manpower and also involvement in Squeezing wet clothes. Nowadays washers seen in every house because in this busy life humans habituated to stress-free by using it. These are of 4 types mainly

  • Front Load

Front Load washing machine used by everyone’s house because it suits for all classes of people and consumes less energy, water. It removes tough stain marks on clothes easily with less water when compared to other models of washers.

  • Top Load

Top Load washers used to remove stains on clothes easily without using man power. It needs less maintenance compared to front load washers.

  • Semi-Automatic

Semi-Automatic washing machine used in every house because of availability in budget also. This type of washer needs manpower to remove clothes from washing tub and keep washed clothes into drier to squeeze.

  • Fully Automatic

Fully Automatic washer uses to wash clothes in single click with automated settings in it. Mainly it consumes more energy and need plenty of water also.

Our Service center provides technicians who can fix issues that may occurs in all types of washers. We send service engineers having well knowledge on repairing apparatus with upcoming technical knowledge.

Tips for best results:

Before washing clothes
  • Pockets should be empty.
  • Take out all metal items.
  • Close zips and hooks etc.
  • Don’t wash anything in the washer that is mentioned as non-washable on machine.
While Sorting
  • Separate fabric of polyester from cotton clothes.
  • While washing try to mix of large and also small clothes on each wash.
  • Dark coloured clothes should be separately not with white clothes.
Load in the washer
  • Firstly load large items, preferably half the wash load.
  • Add one or two similar items but do not wash single items.
  • Put in small clothes like infants tiny fabrics etc. It saves your laundry from getting lost.
Water softening
  • Use water softening agents or adjust detergent dosage as recommended only in the case of hard water.

Tips to remove stains

  • Ensure to use warm water for soaking or prewashing stained
  • Fresh stain marks easier to get rid of.
  • To remove blood stains, use ice cubes in plastic bag to harden the gum. Scrape off it what you can and after then sponge with white spirits.
  • For coffee marks, blot up immediately and rinse out in cold water. Rub in a little detergent and wash it in the maximum temperature allowed for the fabric type.
  • For removing ice cream, milk, cream stains, rinse in cold water and wash. If that stain marks is still apparent then sponge it with white spirits.

Air Conditioner

Mostly Air conditioners used to refresh in cool air in summer seasons. Due to heavy weather fluctuates and hot climate everyone uses AC’s in their home. It is available in different prices and also different models. Types of Air conditioner are

  1. Window
  2. Split
  3. Duct
  4. Cassette
Window AC

Window AC is the basic model on Air coolers, it is available in low cost for all types of peoples. Mainly this type consumes less energy of electricity and needs man power to pour water in it. It cools the smallest portion in room and mostly don’t get high repairable issues.

Split AC

This type of coolers used in all houses and it comes with new specifications and features. It also consumes more energy of electricity and can use by remote. Split AC available in high cost compared to Window AC. Advanced features comes in it like turbo cooling, split and swing features.

Duct AC

In the Duct AC type consuming electricity energy is high because it cools large portion of area. It used for commercial purpose also. The range of cost is high based on the features and space of area.

Cassette AC

Cassette AC used for commercial purpose and can cool large space. Mainly it is used in Banquet halls, Malls and Conference halls etc. The Cost bit high compared to Duct AC and also features come in it.

Management provides service engineers to repair all kinds of AC’s with skilled knowledge in fixing appliances. We also offer Warranty for service similarly spare parts with doorstep service. Our customer support team available in 24//7 hours for instant service.


TV is common home appliance in all independents houses etc. Because every person in this planet needs entertainment and want to know about what’s happening around the world. In everyone’s individual busy hectic life want to relief from stress so there is the only one option to watch i.e. TV.  It is available in different models and a different brand also varies in cost also.

Our service center provides all types of repairs for all types of TV models. We provide technicians at your doorstep to repair, service and maintenance with original spare parts. Technicians have full knowledge on latest TV models if it gets troubles they can fix it within minutes. Management gives special support on service for 1 month similarly 9 days on parts used while repairing.

Microwave oven

Ovens used widely in the latest technology by everyone to make hot instant baked food. Mostly these used for baking buns, biscuits, heating cold food to make hot. Kilns used for domestic and commercial purposes. These are available in different ranges of costs and different models. They are

  • Solo 

  • Grill 

  • Convection

It is a basic model of kilns used for cooking food, reheating. In this model baking and grill food not possible for making because it is an entry-level model. The range of cost for this type of oven is low because of the usage facilities in it. In this model of oven uses for cooking like popcorn, cooking rice, pasta, coffee, tea, etc. Also, grilled chicken or grilled meat can make using this type of oven. Coming to the convection model, it can use for roasting chicken, baking food cake instantly.